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Think or Sink: avoiding complications in cataract surgery

This symposium, organised by the SOE YO committee and directed at young ophthalmologists training in cataract surgery, was hugely popular.  It was so well attended, there were many participants stood at the back and sides due to lack of seats.  The SOE committee were able to ask participants to fill in a questionnaire about surgical training in their countries.  The results of these were presented at the second SOE YO symposium.  The following topics were covered:

  • Surgical complications: how we learn and why we fail
  • The small pupil: when and how to enlarge
  • Capsular staining: indications and techniques
  • Rhexis retrieval: the life-saver
  • Zonular deficiency: CTRs and capsule anchors
  • Vitreous loss: prevention and management


Young ophthalmologists in international ophthalmology

This symposium was joint with the American Academy of Ophthalmology YOs.  The session was co-moderated by members of the SOE and AAO YO committees, and speakers were arranged by both committees.  The session was well attended, and the interest generated by the YOs in the audience for this non-clinical programme was very encouraging.  The symposium aimed to highlight emerging issues for YOs in ever globalising world we live in.  Topics covered included the implications of EU Law on practice and education, and how YOs can more closely collaborate within Europe and across continents.  The results of the questionnaire administered at the first SOE YO symposium were presented.  The programme was as follows:

  • Diversity in surgical training across Europe: what is the state of play?
  • EBO: exams, logbooks and residency exchange
  • UEMS: what happens after we become licensed – the difficulties!
  • How to arrange a fellowship in the United States
  • From Europe to the UK – how to arrange training abroad
  • The impact of universal healthcare in the United States for young ophthalmologists
  • AAO young ophthalmologists: the evolution and the future