SOE YO Lounge Geneva 2011


 SOE YO Lounge

The YO Lounge was a room exclusively for the use of YOs during the congress, to relax in comfortable surroundings, help themselves to food and refreshments, make use of the computers, and meet fellow YOs from across the globe.  This was a huge success and, at busy periods, the lounge was completely full.  We received extremely positive feedback, and we think many connections were made in the lounge during the 4 days of the congress.  Certainly, strong connections were made between SOE YOs and AAO/MEACO YOs who met in the lounge.  An exciting joint session of SOE, AAO adn MEACO YOs was conceived and developed for the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC) scheduled for February 2012 in Abu Ahabi, taking the form of a chat-show!  See the upcoming events section for more details of what is planned.