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 Victoria Akhmedova, from Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated Kyiv Medical University, then enrolled in an internship at P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education at the Department of Ophthalmology, the practical part was held at the Kyiv City Ophthalmological Hospital “Eye Microsurgery Centre” in the Department of Vitreoretinal Surgery, was an assistant  vitreoretinal surgeon. In 2020,  specialised in paediatric ophthalmology and briefly worked at the Okhmatdyt polyclinic. Since 2021, I have been working at the Laser Eye Surgery Center “Visium”.  

The fourth month of the war. We would never believe that this could be in the 21st century, that such misfortune will fall on our lives. But its our reality now and we don’t want to get used to it. My husband and I work as ophthalmologists in different private clinics in Kiev and unfortunately, private clinics faced difficulties.From the beginning of the war, Kiev provided assistance, especially emergency, with combat injuries, thanks to caring and humanitarian assistance. To the sounds of sirens and frequent shelling. We saw with our own eyes the vast amount of aid from Europe, which we are very grateful for. Many clinics were closed. Now it’s quiet in Kiev, although sirens sound. After a short lull in the capital, explosions sounded again. If my husband and I were more engaged in humanitarian aid in the first days, now we are happy to finally work with patients. Clinics have developed special programs to help fighters to provide medicines. The number of doctors have been reduced, the number of patients have increased. At first, the consultations took place just in the middle of boxes of humanitarian aid. Due to curfews, working hours have also been reduced, although we often stay up until the evening on operating days.  It’s pretty difficult to get to work now, roads are closed, there are a lot of checkpoints with military guards, and public transport is not fully operational. But we are staying with our patients. We are always in touch 24/7. In ophthalmology, it is very difficult to consult online – but it is often almost the only way to help the patient. Now this line between personal life and just work has already been lost. My husband and I, as we are young ophthalmologists, try to learn something new and continue to learn.

Regarding patients and diseases:

Due to nervous and psychological shocks, old diseases recurrence, new diseases appear due to injuries, and internal immigrants come with very neglected eyes. Doctors should think a few steps ahead, because there are problems with supply of medicines, surgical material, the patient may move at any time or the irreparable may happen. Periodically, you have to deal with not only ophthalmological problems. Many of our patients have fled the war and are still abroad, they also need help. Personally, I have a patient I know about since my internship. A wonderful person, but a tragic state of health… I am very glad to see her photos from Europe, where she will definitely be helped. But the main thing is that we believe in the best. The problems of doctors who work in the rear are incomparable to the work of the medical service at the front. We’re all very grateful and believe in our victory. We believe in peace on earth and peace in our hearts. We believe in the imminent meetings of the Ukrainian delegation at international conferences, we believe in our medicine and science.