Dr. Zuzana Hladíková – Educational Grant Report, Universitäts Augenklinik Köln (Cologne), Germany

Zuzana Hladikova

Zuzana Hladikova

Dr. Zuzana Hladíková

Thanks to SOE Educational Grant I had an opportunity to spend a month at Universitäts Augenklinik Köln (Cologne), I chose the retinal subspecialty by Prof. Kirchhof.

Based on my experience Cologne is a pleasant, clean and safe city with many parks a museums.

My stay at Universitäts Augenklinik was very well organized – I joined the out and in patient clinic as well as operating theatre, laboratory and reading centre. Thus I had the opportunity to witness and assist by a wide range of diagnostic (SD OCT, FAG, ICG, ERG and mfERG, VEP etc.) as well therapeutic (intravitreal apl., PPV, buckle surgery etc.) methods.

Each member of a staff and especially Prof. Kirchhof himself was very friendly and willing to explain and answer my questions.

I would definitely recommend an observership abroad in general and especially at Universitäts Augenklinik Köln to each young ophthalmologist. These days I feel it is necessary not only to stay up to date in one´s own country but at the international level as well. It is also very interesting to witness and compare the differences in procedures as they are done at different departments in order to make one´s own opinion. I am very glad that I had such chance.