Observership report from Olha Plevachuk, Ukraine, who visited ‘My Retina Athens Eye Center’, Athens, Greece

I would like to express my gratitude to the SOE Educational Committee and Professor Marko Hawlina for awarding me the SOE educational grant for Ophthalmologists-in-training.

I attended SOE observships in “My Retina Athens Eye Center”  from 11th to 28th of February  2020. It was a really great time. 

Dr. Stratos Gotzaridis and his team made all their best to organise my stay and basically make you feel at home. My observership programme included clinical work and participation in operating theatres in Athinaiki General Hospital.  Doctor Gotzaridis is the extremely high-level surgeon in the field of retinal pathology. I was fortunate enough to watch his surgeries in very difficult cases. His surgery technic is extraordinary. I also met several patients with very severe retinal pathology, which vision was returned thanks to Dr.Gotzaridis.

All my new colleagues from “My Retina Athens Eye Center” were very kind and answered all my questions to give a clear understanding.

I am very happy to go to Athens – in addition to spending time with my experts and enjoying the beautiful city, I truly feel that I made friends.  Thank you so much once more!