Ona Garlaite, Lithuania, SOE Educational Grant observership report from FISABIO, Valencia, Spain

I would definitely recommend FISABIO Valencia as a training center. This hospital is a perfect example of a desired learning and working place for anyone: to start with the consultation and to finish with a check out of post-op patient. I really enjoyed each step in this hospital. The Anterior segment and Oculoplastics are on high level there indeed.

I liked that my timetable of sessions was organized in advance. In addition, I could attend a weekly internal meeting for case presentations and annual meeting of residents, SOCV2020.

All doctors were very friendly and helpful. Especially I am grateful for my mentors Leticia Ortega Evangelisco, Mikhail Hernandez Diaz, Maria Jose Roig Revert and the chairman of the Teaching Committee of FISABIO Chirstina Peris Martinez.

I am very happy for having he opportunity to observe DALK, DMEK, DSEK, PRK, cross-linking, corneal ring insertion, AMT, use of femtosecond laser, various lid surgeries and strategies to perform cataract surgeries. I believe that I had learnt a lot of new things and got many useful tips there that I will be able to use in my practice.   

Thank you SOE for this grant and for the opportunity to gain new knowledge!