SOE Educational Grant Placement Report 2012 by Maryia Morkhat

The clinic I attended, Augenklinik des Klinikums der Universität München, Munich has high standards of Ophthalmology care provided. The observer can get a positive experience in the clinic if they are ready to organise their schedule by asking the contact person to introduce them to staff in the department where they want to stay for the observership. Also at least some knowledge of German should be considered if the observer wants to spend some time examining patients. In Munich the accommodation problem can be easily solved using the following site (which can be used for other cities as well), where it is very convenient to choose place to stay at that satisfies your needs and opportunities.


I am very grateful to the European Society of Ophthalmologists for providing me with the opportunity to improve my knowledge in my specialist field while observing standards of clinical work at chosen Augenklinik des Klinikums der Universität München, Munich.
My observation period was from 23 April till 18 May 2012. My initial contact at Augenklinik was Dr Simon Leicht, who kindly helped to organise my visit. Prof. Dr. Anselm Kampik and Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Hintschich were in charge for my observership.

I was able to observe clinical work according to my professional interests and needs. I spend half of my time in the Vitreo Retinal Department and and another half in the Plastic Surgery Department for two weeks each. These were run by the Prof. Dr. Anselm Kampik, Prof. Dr. Christos Haritoglou and Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Hintschich, Christiane Decker. I really appreciate the kind attitude shown by all the doctors towards my training.

Most of my time was spent in the operation theatre, where I was able to assist during surgeries. During my observership I examined patients with various pathologies of the eyelids, lacrimal apparatus and orbit together with Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Hintschich and Christiane Decker. I improved my knowledge in oculoplastic surgery (orbital decompression, eyelid tumour excision, ptosis surgery, blepharoplasty, dacryocystorhinostomy and others). The doctors kindly answered all my questions and shared their experience. I usually never see so many patients with these pathologies in my clinic so I was very happy to be part of the Plastic Surgery team to get this experience.

In the Vitreo-Retinal Department I was happy to work with Prof. Dr. Anselm Kampik and Prof. Dr. Christos Haritoglou. Most of my time there was also spent in the operation theatre. Again, they kindly answered all my questions and shared their experience of how to deal with complicated cases. I observed operations related to macular holes, vitreous haemorrhages, rhegmatogenous retinal detachment and epiretinal membranes, cataract.
At the end of my training course I was given a certificate of attendance by Prof. Dr. Anselm Kampik.

I would like to thank all the staff for providing me with very valuable experience. I will implement all I have learnt in my practical activity and share it with my colleagues. I feel that I have benefited greatly from the opportunity facilitated by the SOE to attend one of the European clinics. I hope I will have similar opportunities in the future.
Maryia Morkhat.