SOE Educational Grant report from Ketevan Chiokadze, Georgia who completed an observership at University Hospital ,,Sveti Duh’’ Zagreb, Croatia

I would like to thank SOE educational Committee and Prof. Marko Hawlina for giving us an opportunity to visit one of the best ophthalmological clinics in Europe.  I believe that this grant gives young doctors a chance to gain knowledge and experience.

My collegue, Dr. Onise Namchevadze, and I Dr. Ketevan Chiokadze, used this grant at University Hospital “Sveti Duh” Clinic  in Zagreb, Croatia, which was an excellent choice.     

Special thanks to Prof. M Bjelos for organizing our schedule. When there, we  had a chance to see how all departments work, observed diagnostic and operative tecniques that were absolutely interesting. We also had an opportunity to make out anterior segments surgeries.

I would also thank Dr. V.Brzovic Saric and Dr B.Saric, great specialists in retina service, for their help, medical tips, and friendship.  It was pleasure to observe their clinic full of professionalism and patient work.   I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the team.

The Medical Retina had a well-organized schedule that made it possible to join the consultant-led teams in order to examine patients and in the operating theatre. I was given the chance to improve my knowledge in medical retina step-by-step through the important, practical techniques, which I will use and develop in my career.

I highly recommend this centre to SOE Grant awardees.