SOE Grant Placement report by Batsaikhan Jargalsaikhan for Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

Report by BATSAIKHAN  Jargalsaikhan

Country: Mongolian citizen, resident doctor  in Romania

Observership period:  March, 2012

Attended : Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, England

Supervisor:  Prof. Paulo E. Stanga

I am very grateful to the European Society of Ophthalmology for offering me the opportunity to improve my knowledge in my specialty while observing standards of clinical work in one of the biggest Eye Clinic of West Europe.
The clinic where I had great time as clinical observer was Manchester Royal Eye Hospital under supervision of Prof. Paulo E. Stanga during 18-28 March, 2012 and I got many experiences from different departments especially on Vitreo Retinal surgery.  The first impression was the excellent communication months before the proposed date of arrival including arrangement of my accommodation which was settled with ease with good conditions and fairly good price. The observer can get a positive experience in the hospital if they are ready to organize their schedule by asking the contact person to introduce them to staff  in the department where they want to stay for the observership. The staff at the clinic does their job perfectly in very pleasant atmosphere.  First thing, I was presented in each department and scheduled with Professor my duty according to my request. During this period I wanted to focus on Acute referral, Macular disorder, Ocular prosthetics issue and most of time to Vitreo Retinal Surgery,  because in my home country ocular prosthetics and vitreo Retinal surgery are only in beginning stage of development and in the future I would like to contribute in this field as specialist. I observed many, most complicated cases of vitreo retinal surgery such as Macular giant tear, ERM, Ocular trauma with glob tear, Proliferative diabetic retinopathy, Macular hole, PVR etc. It seemed to me that surgeon’s capacity and skills are similar with Romanian colleagues who are practicing these kinds of surgeries but medical supplies, equipments, the atmosphere in the theatre, friendly attitude between Professor to fellows and to nurses were remarkable. Especially consultants accord to their fellows to gain much more experience by themselves and encouraging to practice surgeries, not only theory. I gained much more interest and trust in vitreo retinal surgery due to professional and friendly explanation of each procedure, some new approaches  and most important was the attitude in everything; between patient-doctor and doctor to doctor.

In the Emergency Eye Centre, most of pathologies referred are similar with Romanian hospital where I am resident doctor. But specialists or consultants are handling the issue very well and their logic explanation helped me a lot to understand physiopathology of some disorder. I was allowed to see many eye disorders examined by the consultant.

In the Ocular prosthetics Section, everything was new to me. Unfortunately I had only one day disposable but I got main idea how to do those remarkable works helping people to look fantastic, not disabled. Even it is far from my wished subspecialty I had great occasion to see and create knowledge on this field to contribute in development of this part in my country.

During my observership The Queen of England visited the hospital and I had great occasion to see her.

I would like to express my gratitude to SOE office, Prof. Paulo E. Stanga, secretary Murray Jennifer, Stevenson Sharon, Professor Stanga’s fellows Mr. Mandeep Bindra, Mr. Mitra and the other colleagues, nurses who made this great clinical experience possible.  I really appreciate the kind attitude shown by all the staff towards my training.

At the end of my training course I was given a certificate of attendance by Prof. Paulo E. Stanga.

The clinical training was very valuable, wonderful experience and I would recommend visiting the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to any ophthalmologist or resident interested and willing to expand their knowledge in the wide field of ophthalmology. I will implement all I have learnt in my practical activity and share it with my colleagues. I feel that I have benefited greatly from the opportunity facilitated by the SOE to attend one of the European clinics. I hope many other residents will have similar opportunities.

Also recommend to visit Manchester city’s world famous football stadiums to try real football world atmosphere and have a walk on the streets of beautiful city.

Batsaikhan Jargalsaikhan