Marta Pawlak – Grant placement report Great Ormond Street Hospital London, UK

foto marta pawlak

I had a pleasure to have been selected for the SOE 2014 Teacher Grant Program for Teachers in active residency training roles in the institutions of Eastern Europe.  As my main fields of interest are pediatric ophthalmology and electrophysiology of vision, I immediately thought about Dr Dorothy Thompson and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London. I had a chance to listen to Dr Thompson’s lecture during Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision Course in Moorfields Eye Hospital and  I was highly impressed by her knowledge and passion for her work. I contacted Dr Thompson and Dr Russell-Eggitt by e-mail and I was kindly accepted for one month training in Great Ormond Street Hospital. My apprenticeship lasted from 24th April to 21st May 2014.

On the arrival I was warmly welcomed by Dr Thompson and was presented to Dr Alki Liasis, the head of Ophthalmology Service as well as to the staff. During my stay I observed how various electrophysiological tests are performed. It was extremely illuminating for me to see how tests are done on small, seemingly  uncooperative children and to relate it to what I am doing in my department. I received full attention from  Dr Thompson and Dr Liasis who shared their knowledge and experience with me. Despite busy everyday work  Dr Thompson and Dr Liasis had always time to discuss clinical cases with me and patiently answered all my questions.

During my stay I also participated in scientific meetings organized as a part of normal work in the Department and assisted in the consultations of doctors of the Ophthalmology Department of GOSH.

I would like to thank the European Society of Ophthalmology for giving me the opportunity to participate in this Program. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Thompson, Dr Liasis and the staff of Electrophysiology Department of GOSH for the privilege to be able to work along with such skilled and dedicated clinicians. The knowledge I acquired will certainly be extremely beneficial for my future hospital work.