SOE Educational Grant Placement Report – Hopitaux Universitaires Paris Centre, France


As the majority of my colleagues who have received the grant, I’d like to thank SOE for this unique opportunity to see the work of European ophthalmology center. I spent 5 weeks in the clinic Hopitaux Universitaires Paris Centre, Paris, France. I visited such center for the first time in my life. That’s why everything was highly interesting for me, even small details. I was given a chance to see how work all the departments,  observe everything that was interesting to me and to spend enough time in the operating room. But the most inestimable experience I got in specialization of uveitis. The head of this department is a world famous professor Antoine Brezin. He and his team conduct active work in this area. That’s why people from all over the world who have uveitis come to this center. Therefore, I had an opportunity to observe a plenty of interesting cases and rare diseases which I have never seen before. I took part in meetings with internists where difficult cases were discussed for diagnostics and the ways to cure them. I got a priceless experience!

I like equipment of this clinic, organization of a workplace and work itself. By the way, during my visit there was an opening of the new modern hospital building in Hopital Cochin, where an emergency ophthalmology and surgical block were placed.

Thanks to benevolent atmosphere and friendly workers it was very comfortable for me to stay there. Thanks to everyone whom I met in this wonderful place! To my mind, it was a fortune for to personally meet and communicate to the professor Antoine Brezin. Apart from being a high level professional, he is a brilliant person as well. Special thanks to Dr. Salah, Dr. Bousquet, Dr. Bonnet, Dr. Rothschild, Dr. Jobin, Dr. Sarfati, Dr. Mehanna for sharing their experience and knowledge.
And all this in the very heart of Paris!  A holiday which is always with you!
The Internship has left an indelible mark on my soul, enriched my knowledge and inspired me towards further professional and personal growth.

I’d like to  highly recommend this center for all the beneficiaries of this grant, especially if they are interested in uveitis.

Inna Lavrish, MD