SOE Observership – Katarzyna Olejnik from Poland to Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark.

3-week observership split in 7 blocks:
Cataract Service; Corneal and External Disease Service; Lacrimal Service;
Medical Retina; Glaucoma Service; Neuro-ophthalmology; Acute Function;  Vitreoretinal Surgery

First of all I would like to thank European Society of Ophthalmology and head of this committee Professor Marko Hawlina for Educational Grant for ophthalmological residents from East Europe. This was unique opportunity to visit very good ophthalmological centre in Aarhus University Hospital. Ophthalmologist-in-training has been aaranged as a three-week observership in University Hospital in Aarhus from 5th to 23rd March.

I really enjoyed the time spent there. I had opportunity to look everything what I preferred. The doctors were very helpful and open-minded to took in to account for my suggestions. Every day was different. The schedule included a variety of activities and  I could join the consultant-led teams in specialised clinics and operating theatre. I could participate in patients examination, diagnosis and treatment many rare diseases under control doctors working there. Furthermore, I was welcome to take part in regular morning conferences. All the lectures were highly valuable in terms of clinical practice, and in terms of revision for my future exam.

I would like to address my special thanks to Professor Jesper Hjortdal and Dr. Jesper  G.Eriksen, who offered me lots of their attention and shared their knowledge with great enthusiasm. Also other doctors and residents doctor were very helpful and pleasant.

I would like to encourage and recommend all residents from Middle and Eastern Europe to apply for the SOE Educational Grants.