SOE session for young ophthalmologists – 47th Panhellenic Ophthalmological Congress, May 2014, Thessaloniki, Greece

SOE President Stefan Seregard was delighted to speak at the unique SOE session for Young Ophthalmologists at the 47th Panhellenic Ophthalmological Congress, May 2014, held in Thessaloniki, Greece. Stefan Seregard also acted as Chair on a panel session including Elias Feretis, the  SOE Board Member for Greece (below centre).

Greek Meeting 2

Presentations included talks by Professor David Taylor (ICO) on ICO exams, Stefan Seregard on the challenge for young ophthalmologists and the 2014 SOE Lecture by Dr P Founti on “Genetic epidemiology: a new era in glaucoma”.

A large number of talented young Greek ophthalmologists  participated in rapid fire presentations on a wide range of topics which made for an engaging session.

 Stefan Seregard Greek Meeting 1