Message from the SOE President

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I hope that you are all safe and coping reasonably well with the enormous strain of unprecedented circumstances our world is going through. Our thoughts go out to all those suffering from this dreadful virus. 

We are in a world situation where we need solidarity and unity.

Today nothing appears normal and we are starting to accept that “normality” is relative. Some are deep in psychological analysis and others get active helping on the frontline, supporting a neighbour, manufacturing masks etc. Very importantly many provide humour. The latter is an extremely important weapon to keep us going.

We are still in early stages of lock-down.  I sincerely hope that the “physical” social distancing can be turned into an opportunity for increased “mental” social rapprochement and bonding. We should be grateful that technology allows us to communicate more easily than ever before.  We should also grasp this opportunity to stop and reflect on all the great things we have family, friends and not least the privilege of being able to help others.

Let’s appreciate all what we have and keep the sense of humour. Most importantly remember that we must help each other. 

SOE would like to wish everyone well at this unprecedented time. 

See you on the other side of the tunnel!

Keep safe and keep healthy

Wagih Aclimandos

SOE President