Nina Bulgaria SOE Grant Placement Report

Clinica Oculistica ,Genova(Itali)

Nina Bulgaria


First of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the European Society of Ophthalmology, which provided me with the Educational Grant for Ophthalmologists-in-training 2013 and gave me opportunity to visit one of the best European ophthalmic centers. As a 4nd year ophthalmology resident from Bulgaria and I had the fortunate opportunity to be accepted and  to spend 4 weeks at the– Clinica Oculistica (Genova,Italy).

I was able to visit a well-equipped operating theatre and observe different ophthalmic surgeries -Glaucoma surgery ,PHACO, PPV, blepharoplastic, corneal transplantation, ,Express implant  implantation  .  I have spent most of my time in the operating theatre with Prof. Traverso getting introduced to his intelligent surgery. I have learned much about every single aspect of operations and I got many surgical tips, as well as the process of hospital and home care of the patients and follow up visits after the surgery. The process of clinical evaluation and discussing the cases with Prof. Traverso ,Prof. Lai, Dr. Badino and Dr. Bagnis helped me to get an understanding of the basic clinical approaches, differential diagnosis and the treatment modalities. Their expert opinion and guidance helped me to learn many diagnostic and surgical pearls. I also was touched with Professor’s friendly attitude to fellows and to nurses as well as high level of deontological ethic (attitude doctors to patient and doctors to doctors). I spent 2 weeks in ambulance in extremely  warm and pleasant atmosphere  seeing a lot of patients, discussing interesting cases with the doctors.

Besides all of the educational aspects of the observership I had an opportunity to get in touch with Italian culture by visiting various museums and exhibitions.

SOE Resident Grant is truly a unique opportunity for an individual to upgrade his clinical knowledge and skills, to find new networking opportunities in the ophthalmology and to meet the culture of the country.

I consider this experience to be extremely valuable and useful for my future ,  regarding the knowledge I’ve got and will be helpful for my home clinic as I will gladly share it with my colleagues as soon as I arrive.

I am very grateful to Prof. Traverso, Dr. Bagnis and the whole staff of  Clinica Oculistica for pleasant and welcoming acceptance during my 4 weeks short-term observership. They truly did their best to give me the maximum of this program in extremely warm and pleasant atmosphere.

I would  recommend Clinica Oculistica to the future SOE grant recipients.