State of the Art Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis management in 2020 Virtual Session Invitation

Organizer: Md PhD Marie-Louise Roed Rasmussen –

Vernal keratoconjunctivitis(VKC), a chronic bilateral seasonal allergic inflammatory disease of the eye, is an important cause of visual debilitation and impairment of quality of life in children and young adults. We all know that, but what to do when your 5-year-old patient has steroid induced glaucoma, shield ulcer and giant papillae – and the only thing that works is more steroid?This session has been produced online due to the COVID 19 crisis and cancellation of the Nordic meeting of ophthalmology. Organised by Marie Louise Rasmussen, she is joined in the session by Ass Prof Asim Ali and Prof Steffen Heegaard, both with a long and practical approach towards how to deal with this disease. The meeting uses Terms, a meeting app by Microsoft. It’s free. But you have to download it before the meeting to make it work.Virtual meeting link

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