Calling all YOs

Dear Colleagues,

The 57th Turkish Ophthalmological Association (TOA) National Congress will be held in Antalya, Turkey on 8-12 November 2023. The TOA National Congress is the largest organization held in Turkey in the field of ophthalmology with a wide participation, exceeding 3000 ophthalmologists . The congress offers the opportunity of many colleagues come together and share their experiences and build fellowships in the unique environment of Antalya.

A prestigious group of young ophthalmologists from around the globe are invited to the TOA National Congress Young Ophtalmologists (YO) Sessions every year.  Invited speakers are expected to attend the congress in person and present their lecture or abstract at the congress venue in their allocated session.

Benefits offered to the invited speakers/presenters by the organization committee

a. Free attendance to the meeting 
b. All-inclusive hotel accommodation 
c. Free social activities 
(Free attendance does not include travel expenses to Antalya, Turkey)

On behalf of the TOA Young Ophthalmologists Society,

I am very pleased to invite you to be part of the 57th TOA National Congress YO Session

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible and no later than April 14.

Kind regards

Ayşegül Mavi Yıldız, MD, Associate Professor, FEBO, FICO, MRCSEd

The President of TOA-YO Society