Dry Labs for YOs at SOE 2019

Calling all YOs Registered for SOE 2019

Laboratoires Thea are organising the second dry lab sessions dedicated to Young Ophthalmologists during SOE 2019 conference 13-16 June, Nice.

The sessions will take place over two half days on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th from 09:00 to 14:30; with the support of 4 outstanding experts (Mr Shortt, Mr Ferris, Mr Tomlins, Mr Darcy).

During those days, YOs will have the opportunity to attend either Junior session or Advanced session depending on your level of experience (2 junior sessions + 2 advanced sessions).

The programme is focused on cataract surgery:

Junior Course: Introduction; Incision, Rhexis, Suturing

Advanced Course: Introduction; Managing small pupil, Managing zonular dialysis, Corneal trauma and complex lacerations

Seats are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. A reserve list will be set up in the YO Lounge for spaces once the sessions are full.

If you have already registered for SOE 2019 an email with a link to the Dry Lab registration will be sent to you shortly.

The Dry Labs are kindly supported by Théa

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