Educational Grant Report, Dr. Lidia Kun at University of Freiburg NKS centrum

Dr Kun Lidia

Dr Lidia Kun

I have interest in pediatric ophthalmology and I am very grateful for the opportunity of observership at University of Freiburg NKS centrum. My stay at the department was very well organised, and the colleagues were really welcoming and friendly, special thanks to Prof. Lagreze. I watched the examinations of the little patients and observed the protocols of clinical diagnostics and long term care. Also I attended the surgical theatre and learned technical details of strabismological, adnexal and congenital cataract surgeries. I could take part once a week at “orbita conferences” and observe how to manage cases involving more medical specialty areas (ophthalmology, neurosurgery, radio oncology etc.). I was happy to take part in the mornings at the lectures and research summaries of the department. I met inspiring professionals and got tips on organisation of clinical work, too.
Thank you SOE again for this great chance to learn in a highly professional centre.