Educational Grant Report, Edvardas Kovaliunas at Royal Hallamshire Hospital, UK

Edvardas Kovaliunas

Edvardas Kovaliunas

I would definitely recommend Royal Hallamshire Hospital as a training center because this is a great place to learn something new in Ophthalmology, especially in Ocular oncology, which is on a high level there.

I liked that my timetable of sessions was organized in advance. The timetable was well balanced as it included almost all sessions/clinics in Ophthalmology Department and allowed me to get acquainted with the variety of services that this Department has to offer for their patients. It was also focused on my requested fields of interest.

All doctors and staff were very friendly and helpful. Special thanks to my supervisor Dr Zanna Currie for organizing my training programme and taking care of me.

In addition, his hospital can also offer accommodation for observers in their accommodation block which is just opposite the street. This was very convenient for me.

I believe that I had learnt a lot of new things and got many useful tips there that I will be able to use in my practice.
Thank you SOE for this grant and for the possibility to get more professional knowledge in another country!