YO Committee details

Current Committee:

Jelena Potic (Chair)

Miguel González Andrades (Past-chair)

Murat Hasanreisoglu Education

Lana Datuashvili Newsletter

International representative: Simon Fung (AAO-YO)


National Representative’s Subcommittee: Kirstine Boysen

Fellowship (YOUTHub):  Murat Hasanreisoglu

Newsletter Subcommittee: Lana Datuashvili,

Social Media subcommittee: Lily Khamsy

Residency Training Subcommittee: Miguel González Andrades,  Jaya Chidambaram, Clare Quigley, Ayesha Karimi, 

Post – Residency Subcommittee: Jelena Potic, Miguel González Andrades, Atanas Bogoev, Ayesha Karimi

Ukrainian Platform: Atanas Bogoev, Jelena Potic

Licensing/Board Certificate Information: Ayesha Karimi, Jelena Potic

For the current term, in addition to the general responsibilities, some members and NRs will have specific tasks.