Alisa Barash, Belarus SOE Observership Report from Ludwig Maximillan University, Munchen, Germany

I would like to thank the SOE Educational Committee and Prof. Marko Hawlina for this great opportunity to be selected for the SOE Grant and have a chance to  participate in the observership program at the ophthalmology department in Ludwig Maximillan University, Munchen, Germany.

I very appreciate Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Hintschich for invitation which allowed me to come for observership and invitation for Orbita Symposium. I started my program with fantastic opportunity to visit Orbita Symposium which was attended by different international specialists.

During two days I learnt a lot from different lectures about endocrine orbitopathy, orbital diseases, common orbital infections, lacrimal duct disease, orbital reconstruction etc. I was able to see preoperative and postoperative patient’s care. I had an opportunity to be in the theatre for observing and also to participate in surgeries (blepharoplasty, ectropion and entropion surgeries, ptosis reconstruction, eyelid tumor excisions with eyelid reconstruction, eye removal surgery, postenuckleation socket syndrome reconstruction, lacrimal duct surgery, orbital decompression etc.). I also attended annual Meeting of ophthalmologists which was organized by hospital. At this meeting specialists from different ophthalmological departments shared new trends and experiences in their subspecialty.

I would like to address my thanks to Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Hintschich and his perfect team Dr. Miller, Dr. Klingenstein, Dr. Garip-Kubler, Dr. Schuch,

Dr. Leberkühne who shared their knowledge with great enthusiasm. I am very grateful for all the nurses and staff for very pleasant working atmosphere.

I highly recommend young ophthalmologists visit the ophthalmology department in Ludwig Maximillan University.

Alisa Barash