Ana Trpeska, Republic of Macedonia Observership Report, University Eye Hospital Ljubljana

   I would like to thank the SOE Educational Committee for selecting me for the programme. Also I would like to express my gratitude to the whole team at the University Eye Hospital of Ljubljana, especially to prof. Hawlina and Doc. Vidovic.  It was a great chance to improve my knowledge and ophthalmology skills.

I had a great possibility to observe and examine patients in outpatient clinic and also observe a wide range of ophthalmic surgeries.  During the training I had a well organised schedule.  I had a chance to improve my knowledge in neuroophtalmology, uveitis, medical retina and ophthalmic imaging techniques.

It was especially useful for me the time spent in the operating room, where I observed vitreoretinal, cataract and oculoplastic surgeries.

It is a great satisfaction working in the University Eye Hospital Ljubljana as a doctor and privilege to be treated there as a patient.