Dr Selma Milišić, Bosnia and Herzegovina observership report from University of Bonn, Germany

I would like to express my gratitude to the SOE Education Committee of the European Society of Ophthalmology and Professor Mark Hawlina for awarding me an educational scholarship for training ophthalmologists. The University Eye Clinic in Bonn, Germany was my choice of clinic and from this point of view, I can say that it was a great choice.

I would also like to thank prof. Dr. Frank Holz and Dr. Karl Merciec for taking into account my professional priorities and organizing my weekly observation routine at the highest level. I had the opportunity to observe and examine outpatients, emergency and inpatients and see the latest diagnostic techniques.

I also attended glaucoma and retina examinations, where each patient was explained in detail, retinal and ocular nerve OCT readings, visual field readings, visual field comparisons and progression monitoring, and retinal fluorescein angiography readings. Twice a week I attended glaucoma surgeries (trabeculoectomy, deep sclerotomy, Paul and Ahmed tube, Preserflo, iStent, XENstent, Omni canaloplasty, Hydrus, bleb needling, cataract surgery, examinations of children under general anesthesia), vitrectomy, DCR. I also attended examinations of patients suffering from rare retinal genetic diseases and their treatment, subretinal implantation of Luxturna and other types of genetic therapies with the director of the clinic Prof. Dr. Frank Holz and other retinal subspecialists.

In the four weeks I was there, I had the opportunity to see how all the departments and clinics work and to observe the diagnostic and operative techniques that interested me.

I am sure that the knowledge I have gained will help me in the future. I warmly recommend this center to SOE grant winners.