Ingrid Umari, Slovenia reporting Observership Report Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK

Ingrid Umari

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to SOE Educational Committee and Professor Marko Hawlina for giving me the opportunity to visit the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) in UK.
I applied for Vitreoretinal surgery and Medical retina observership under the supervision of Mr. Stephen Charles, the leading Vitreoretinal consultant. I asked also to spend few days with the Oculoplastic team.
Mr. Charles prepared a great and various program for me including Vitreoretinal Theatre and Clinic, Diabetic Screening Clinic, Macula Clinic-treatment centre, Uveitis Clinic and Oculoplastic Theatre and Clinic.
I had the opportunity to observe patients pre and postoperatively and be involved in discussions about different management strategies and surgical techniques. In the theatre I felt free to ask questions about surgical steps that were new or unclear to me and I learnt a lot about machine settings.
I also attended retinal teachings once a week where trainees, fellows and consultants showed interesting and challenging clinical cases. The time at MREH passed very fast, probably too fast.
Many thanks to Mr. Charles and all the vitreoretinal-medical retina and oculoplastic team for this amazing experience, for being so warmly welcoming and shearing their knowledge with me.
I would highly recommend the observership at MREH to future SOE grant recipients.