Lana Datuashvili Georgia YO, Fellowship report Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Netherlands

I would like to share the story about my 3 month fellowship in the Rotterdam Eye Hospital with Jan -Tjeerd de Faber, pediatric ophthalmologist, President of SOE. whom I had first met at SOE meeting in Barcelona 2017. As my field of interest is pediatrics Dr. de Faber sent me a kind invitation for 3 month fellowship. He is inspiring teacher and matchless professional.

Rotterdam Eye Hospital was established in 1874 and now it is the center of excellence and the leading specialists in the field of ophthalmology in the Netherlands.

During my fellowship, I had the opportunity to observe outpatient consultations, saw some very rare pediatric pathology, took part in medical discussions, had the chance of participation in lots of interesting surgeries, also attended World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC) 2018 in Barcelona and EMYO (Young Ophthalmology Meeting) in Poland.

I would like to express my great respect to Dr.Martha Tjon Fo Sang and all the pediatric department who warmly welcomed me and maximally tried to share their knowledge.

This was significant and interesting experience, thanks to SOE and Dr. Tjeerd De Faber for giving me a chance to participate in this fellowship.