Mervat Salah Mourad First female President of The Egyptian Ophthalmological Society

SOE wish to extend their congratulations to Mervat Salah Mourad our Associate Board Member for Egypt who has become the first female President of The Egyptian Ophthalmological society (EOS) 

Below is a brief biography of her career.




Mervat Salah Mourad
Upon graduation, Mourad who ranked 7th among her 1255 classmates
joined the teaching staff in the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams
University, Cairo, Egypt.  In the very same university which 
ranks second in the Egyptian capital, she continued to work and study, and earned her Masters and Doctorate.

In Egypt, where being a female surgeon is slightly rare, she was
challenged over and over again. However, she built a solid experience
and an impressive track record rightfully earning herself fellowships
in prestigious universities abroad. In 1993, she flew to Atlanta,
Georgia in USA for a fellowship in Emory University. And several
years later in 1997, received another fellowship  from Geote
Universitat, Frankfurt, Germany.

Mourad, who was respected by superiors, peers and juniors, was elected a board member of the prestigious Egyptian Ophthalmological Society
(EOS) in 2003. She, thus, became the second women to join the board
since the establishment of EOS in 1902.

She had a vision for the EOS, so she bore on her shoulders one of the
most demanding tasks. She became Editor In Chief of EOS Journal and
successfully turned around its operations to make it a peer-reviewed
journal. She continued perform that role and was re-elected board
member during that time.

In 2012, the 4590 members of EOS were electing their new
president. The society which had existed for a century, had Mourad is
its first female President since its inception.