Observership report from Monika Vieversyte- Dvyliene, Lithuania at Vissum Grupo Miranza, Alicante, Spain

I spent 2 weeks as an observer (fellow) in the Vissum clinic in Alicante, Spain. The clinic itself is very modern, innovative, with a lot of the newest technologies and devices. Ophthalmologists who work there are inspiring professionals, who not only treat patients really well, but also explains, shows a lot of different and complicated cases and encourages you to integrate in scientific activities. I spent my time in Anterior segment department with prof. Alio and dr. J. Alio del Barrio, dr. Amesty whom I would like to say huge Thank you for all their help, communication, trust and teaching. I broaden my knowledge in refractive surgery and cataract fields, get to know new technologies in dry eye treatment and diagnostics. The observership was planned really well, the schedule was intense, with mixed surgical and consulting activities. I know that in the future I will definitely use this knowledge and share it with my colleagues.

I would like to give my warmest and sincere thanks to SOE committee for this Grant and opportunity, memories that I will never forget. It was one of the most amazing time of my career. Furthermore, Vissum clinic is the dream workplace with amazing atmosphere and personnel. I highly recommend this centre to SOE Grant awardees.