SOE Lectures 2011

It was agreed at the 2005 Council meeting by SOE Council Members that a special SOE Lecture would be presented at each annual meeting of each European Ophthalmological Society by the most promising young Clinician/Researcher.The following  the list  is of the SOE lectures that took place in 2011. If you wish more details on any of these lectures please email the SOE Secretariat at;

Country Lecturer  Title of Lecture
First name Family name
Croatia Ivanka Petric Vicković Clinical Outcome with the Crystalens HD Accommodation Intraocular Lens
Denmark Marie Louise  Roed Rasmussen The Eye Amputated Patient
Estonia Maarja Villemson Acanthamoeba Keraitis
Greece Paris Tranos Macular Oedema and ocular inflammatory diseases.
Hungary Illes Kovacs Corneal Sensory Nreve Sensitivity in Dry Eye
Italy Michele  Reibaldi Treatment of Central Serous Chorioretinopathy State of the art
Latvia Ieva Kire Imaging in Ophthalmology 
Lithuania Saulius  Kusleika The Role of Surgery in Uveitis Treatment
Netherlands CC W Klaver Succes van anti-VEGF tharpie voor maculadegeneratie: de praktijk
Norway Cecilie Bredrup The use of deep sequencing to identify genetic error in a family with syndromic retinitis pigmentosa
Portugal Andreia  Martins Rosa, MD SAANA classification for the treatment of keratoconus with intrastromal ring segments”
Slovenia Dr.Ingrid  Rahne Is a child Squinting?
Sweden Dr Charlotta  All Eriksson Molecular mechanisms in uveal melanoma
Ukraine Zhekov Olexiy Intracapsular IOL Implantation in paediatric congential Posterior Lenticonus