SOE Observership Report – Dr. Dariia Gurska, Ukraine at Clinica Oculistica University of Genova, Italy

Dariia Gurska

My observership in Clinica Oculistica University of Genova was very helpful for me!

During my stay at the clinic I participated in clinical consutations of outpatients with full examination and preparation for surgical treatment, observed glaucoma surgeries including trabeculectomy, shunt implantation, CO2laser assisted sclerectomy, modern phacoemulsification surgery including complicated cases, corneal transplantation, vitreoretinal surgery, learned basics of oculoplasty.

I’m very grateful to Professor Carlo Enrico Traverso and his whole team for exceptional knowledge and skills, wonderful attitude and unforgettable experience!

I would also like to express my special gratitude to the Prof.Michele Iester, excellent vitreoretinal surgeon Matteo Badino and Dr.Francesco Bernardini