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YO Info 2020 International Edition

Posted on 23rd September 2020 in Society News, YO News

Click below to find news, advice plus lessons to help make your global work worthwhile. https://www.aao.org/young-ophthalmologists/yo-info/article/yo-info-2020-international-edition Also read articles on Uveitis and Retinal Detachment from SOE YO Committee members Murat Hasanreisoglu, MD and Jelena Potic, MD, PHD Uveitis Laboratory Work Up: Making Smart Choices By: Murat Hasanreisoglu, MD https://www.aao.org/young-ophthalmologists/yo-info/article/uveitis-laboratory-work-up-making-smart-choices Episcleral Compression or Pars Plana Vitrectomy for

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EuLDP Alumni Update

Posted on 15th June 2020 in Society News, YO News

Dr David Lockington, EuLDP Alumni, shares his motivation for “Making ocular surgery safer through simulation” through creating a modern simulation training facility at the Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology in Glasgow, Scotland. This was his leadership development project for the SOE EuLDP programme 2017-2019. SOE congratulate Dr Lockington on this achievement.

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WOC 2020 Does and Don’ts for YO’s

Posted on 08th June 2020 in Uncategorized, YO News

With WOC 2020 being online this year it is an exciting time espically as the  registration for residents and fellows is a lower rate and offers access of all content for the next 3 months, so is definitely worth considering. Also, with the programme online it suddenly feels less hectic compared to the normal hectic

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State of the Art Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis management in 2020 Virtual Session Invitation

Posted on 03rd June 2020 in Uncategorized, YO News

Organizer: Md PhD Marie-Louise Roed Rasmussen – Vernal keratoconjunctivitis(VKC), a chronic bilateral seasonal allergic inflammatory disease of the eye, is an important cause of visual debilitation and impairment of quality of life in children and young adults. We all know that, but what to do when your 5-year-old patient has steroid induced glaucoma, shield ulcer

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