Educational Grant Report – Dominik Śliwiak, Poland at FISABIO – Oftalmologia Medica in Valencia, Spain


I have spent 4 weeks as an observer in FISABIO Oftalmologia Medica in Valencia, Spain in September 2018.  For this time I watched many surgical procedures such as glaucoma, cornea, retina and oculoplastic surgeries.

The organisation of my internship was very good. I attended every day in operating and consulting room, where I could see a great variety of ophthalmology surgeries such as ( e.g DALK, DMEK, implantation of cornea ring, vitrectomy, glaucoma cataracts and many oculoplastic surgery) and also I could examine the patients and discuss their cases with doctors. The doctors who work in this hospital are very helpful, professional and they have incredible surgical skills. I recommend this center for everybody interested in surgery and young ophthalmologists who want to see a professional ophthalmology hospital. Special thanks for my vitreoretinal teacher: Dr. Carmen Desco and great oculoplasty surgeon: Dr. Marta Pérez López. I would like to say thank you to European Society of Ophthalmology for giving me that opportunity and chance to participate in this scholarship.