Giedre Milkintaite SOE Educational Grant Observership Report from IRCCS G.B. Bietti Foundation, Azienda Ospedaliera San Giovanni-Addolorata-Britannico

I spent most of my observership in Medical retina department, however I also had an opportunity to observe the work that was conducted in Vitreoretinal department. I also was able to witness some surgical techniques that was applied as a treatment of choice for anterior segment diseases. Below is brief description of my experience.

To begin with, from the first day I was introduced with main supervisors, but generally I had observed the work of all Medical retina team members. My daily routine included the observation of the work in out patient service, where I could also look after the patients and discuss the choice of a treatment together with leading ophthalmologist of that day.

The majority of patients that I saw were suffering from AMD, Diabetes, Retinal vein occlusion, Central serous chorioretinopathy. There were a few patients with Vitelliform macular degeneration (Best disease), suspected Peripapillary pachychoroid syndrome or Chronic posterior uveitis as well. Due to the difference in economic, demographic and healthcare system aspects between Italy and Lithuania, it was very interesting to follow decision making process regarding course of a treatment.

I have observed certain number of tests (OCTA, FA, ICGA) that were held using Spectralis system diagnostic imaging platform. Furthermore, I have spent some time in observing the application of laser therapy and anti-VEGF treatments.

Moreover, I got a chance to observe some work of leading virteoretinal surgeons dealing with Retinal deatachment, Epiretinal membranes, Macular holes. Some of the cases were treated using 3D Visualisation system. I have witnessed some surgical treatment of some cataract cases, also got a chance to follow some of these patients post operatively.

Even though my main target was posterior segment, I was able to observe some surgical techniques of anterior segment (DMEK, DSAEK) and to discuss about the techniqes and conditions with one of the leading proffesionals of the country.  Furthermore, I visited the Bietti Foundation research base, and got introduced with the scientific work that is done there.

To sum up, this experience was invaluable and beyond my expectations. I was lucky to witness very high calibre professional practice, positive social environment, and most important – I have learned a lot during my observership here.

I am very thankful to Doc. Fabio Scarinci, Doc. Mariacristina Parravano, Doc. Antonluca Boninfante, Doc. Guido Ripandelli, Doc. Andrea Cacciamani and the rest Medical retina and Vitreoretinal teams, all IRCCS G.B. Bietti Foundation, Azienda Ospedaliera San Giovanni-Addolorata-Britannico ophthalmology units.