SOE Observership – Fișuș Andreea Dana at Hanusch Hospital, Vienna

Fisus Andreea

My name is Fișuș Andreea Dana, I am a fourth year resident (final year) at the Tg Mureș Ophthalmology Clinic and I was a SOE (European Society of Ophthalmology) 2017 grant beneficiary. During the period between 01.11-2017 and 15.12.2017 I benefited from an observership at Hanusch Hospital, Prof. Dr. Findl Oliver Ophthalmology Department in Vienna.

I would like to start my report by thanking the European Society of Ophthalmology for this great opportunity of improving my medical knowledge.  I would also like to thank the head of Ophthalmology department from Tg Mureș, Ms. Ass. Prof. Dr. Horvath Karin for supporting me in my endeavour. Not least I would like to show my gratitude towards Prof. Dr. Findl Oliver and his team from Hanusch Hospital.

I had a very good communication with the staff of the clinic, they helped me integrate quickly into the team and they were very keen to share their vast medical knowledge.

My observership program was divided between clinical work, operating theatre and research, my work being supervised and guided by Dr. Nino Hirnschall. It consisted out of a 40 hours/week schedule which gave me the opportunity to see a vast number of ocular pathologies. I was also instructed in the use of the latest ophthalmic devices and prototypes. The surgical experience encompassed observing the management of difficult cataract cases and of a large number of corneal transplants, DMEK and DSAEK procedures, pars-plana vitrectomies and the most up-to-date glaucoma surgeries.

The research institute at Hanusch Hospital has a large number of ongoing projects and I was involved with the team in research concerning ocular biometry, intraocular lens rotation and grading of posterior capsule opacification. I also conducted my own research project in corneal topography. The weekly journal club has enabled me to get up-to-date with the current research in ophthalmology.

I regard this period as being important for my professional development and therefore I highly recommend future SOE grant beneficiaries to invest in an observership at Hanusch Hospital.

Best regards,

Dr. Fișuș Andreea Dana