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Ana Trpeska, Republic of Macedonia Observership Report, University Eye Hospital Ljubljana

Posted on 08th May 2018 in Society News, SOE Grant Placement Reports, YO News

   I would like to thank the SOE Educational Committee for selecting me for the programme. Also I would like to express my gratitude to the whole team at the University Eye Hospital of Ljubljana, especially to prof. Hawlina and Doc. Vidovic.  It was a great chance to improve my knowledge and ophthalmology skills. I had a great

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Ophthalmology Residency programmes across Europe

Posted on 01st May 2018 in YO News

The SOE YO committee would like to benchmark Ophthalmology residency programs across Europe. To do so, we ask that you complete the survey linked below if you are carrying out a residency or if you are in a 2-year post-residency period: Click here to access survey  Please also distribute this survey among all the young

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Nancy Rakkad – tooth- eye historic surgery

Posted on 23rd April 2018 in Society News, YO News

  SOE are delighted to share the following article highlighting the work of Nancy Rakkad and her inspiring work in Jordan. Nancy is an EuLDP Alumni member. http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/tooth-eye-historic-surgery-helps-blind-man-regain-sight      

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YO Clinic Part II

Posted on 18th April 2018 in YO News

  In part two of the series, Jelena Potic (Serbia), who is a Fellow in Surgical Retina and Ocular Oncology at the Hôpital Ophtalmique Jules-Gonin, Switzerland,  discusses important diagnoses not to miss: uveal melanoma. Most Common Adult Ocular Tumour: Uveal Melanoma Uveal melanoma represents the most common primary malignant intraocular tumour, occurring most commonly in

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